The 21st century age old tale: social media

There are a lot of things that are wrong with social media. I could write you a blog post explaining every intricate case study proving social media as being detrimental to journalists’ careers. I could write a big long piece concerning situations where citizen journalists have wreaked havoc. I could but I don’t want to… Continue reading The 21st century age old tale: social media

Why this article is NOT about Pauline Hanson

The other day, I was at the beach tanning. I sit in a secluded alcove, halfway up the beach but lately a middle aged man has been making the effort to sit near me. Every time he does this, I pick up my stuff and walk away as he is a tad creepy. As I… Continue reading Why this article is NOT about Pauline Hanson

Maybe I’m biased though

Click on the permalink below so we are on the same playing field. THE MEDIA EXPLAINED Did you watch it? I hope so because now both of our minds are enlightened with a chart that illustrates one intricate media web of owners. Last week on Monday 29 August I read an article in the Daily Telegraph .… Continue reading Maybe I’m biased though

Let’s Grow Up!

I was never one of those girls in school who upon hearing gossip about herself, would immediately approach that supposed rumour spreader. For one, I didn’t know if it was true. It was quite possible that my informant was lying. Number two being that more often that not, the person confiding in me did not… Continue reading Let’s Grow Up!

How to spell MEAA

Ever since I turned thirteen, I have worked numerous hospitality jobs alongside my studies. I started off at Donut King, then Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski (until I realised I didn’t like forcing people to buy clothes), a Malaysian take-away, a fine dining restaurant, nightclubs, a ‘hipster’ cafe, and now a pub. If anything, working for… Continue reading How to spell MEAA